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‘Drawing down the moon’ Finalist

concentricofestival (9th edition)

Our proposal ‘Drawing down the moon’ has been selected as a finalist for the pavilion of @concentricofestival (9th edition) in Viña Lanciano in Logroño.


The proposal defines the pavilion in Viña Lanciano vineyard within Bodegas LAN winery as a spatial mass that has crushed the earth’s surface and can be purposely mistaken as a moon, a sun, or even a unique meteorite. The proposed construction is thus defined by carefully exploring its materiality, shape, and scale. These three strategies work simultaneously at the building and landscape scales and in various intermediate scales and landscape points of view. 

The proposal research the integration in the landscape and ecological site, the versatility and the sustainability.


The proposal ‘Drawing down the moon’ is inspired by iconic references such as the Osborne bull billboard and the moon in the entrance gate of Luna Park in Sydney (above). Visitors photographed themselves sitting upon the famous landed moon in Luna Park as souvenirs (on the left).


Team. @vacuum_atelier + 

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