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The furniture is inspired by typological elements of architecture.
Architecture establishes a relationship with the floor -union or detachment- (Ground) and at the same time it rises and becomes self-supporting (Structure). Finally, architecture is experienced on the plane (Slab).
Untreated iron structure on custom design with supports-Adjustable Feet in "ceppo di Grè" (conical shape carved from a solid block of stone).
The magnet is used to join the iron structure with the iron plan for book exposition. In addition the magnet is used as a bookend.



Table Frame. Length 155 cm Width 55 cm Height 65 cm

Top. Length 200 cm Width 100 cm Thickness 6 mm

Bookshelf. Length 240 cm Width 30 cm Height 210 cm

architect . vacuum 
location . Bergamo 

materials. MariniMarmi / Crotti srl / Supermagnete

photo . vacuum

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