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The design idea stems from the interpretation of the context of Cles and of a particular type of open space: the Brolio. The Brolio is an enclosed green space planted with trees that has traditionally been a symbolically important place. Interpreting Cles as a cohesive community, the aim is to propose an urban Brolio, a public place designed around natural elements where plants can build a landscape with an atmosphere suspended between nature and artifice. The project tries to interpret the theme of the square and the car park by merging the qualities of one into the other. By giving the parking area a quality that makes it a public space with numerous courtyards and trees that emancipate it from its infrastructural role. An attempt has been made to provide the public space with its own light technical infrastructure, which defines a public space that is panoramically suspended over the landscape.

architect . Vacuum  with MarinelliFranzoso

images . RiccardoDe Vincenzo  
location . Cles (TN)

client . CONCORRIMI 

status . national competition 

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