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It's kind of like in front of a painting. Someone said that it is not the painter who completes the work: it is always the observer who fills the painting he observes with meaning.

Let's think of an architectural environment, of a corner of the ancient city that we have always "lived" without asking ourselves too many questions.


We can say that we have seen it, not that we have made it part of our experience.

Sometimes it is necessary to find an element that stimulates us to look differently.

To frame, just like in a virtual frame, what we want to focus our attention on.  

In Bergamo Alta, in the Piazza dell'Antico Lavatoio, the installation was born with this objective. 

architect . vacuum
location . Piazza Antico Lavatoio, Città Alta, Bergamo

client . Interno13

status . artistic work (2018)

publication .BludiPrussia ArtMagazine / Bergamo News

photo. Baldi G.

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