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"Dwelling is to build a shelter on the ground under the heaven. Dwelling is rooted. The foundations of the house are in the land. Dwelling is to mark its presence in the world. [...] Looking upwards overtakes the distance between us and the heaven, and remains down here on the earth. To look high to mesure the whole "frame" that lies between heaven and earth.

This measure (...) we will now call it the "dimension" 

M. Heidegger, Costruire Abitare Pensare

“The circle”

"God is a circle whose center is everywhere but whose circumference is nowhere". The circle is associated with perfection, cyclicity, superiority of the divine, but also instability and motion.
“The square”

"The infinite is a square without angles [...] the idea of a precinct, home, country"
“The triangle”

From the vegetable structure of coconut to the pattern of human settlements [...] the shape of the equilateral triangle is found in nature as well as in human's creations.

Bruno Munari, Corraini, 2014

Finalist Mention

architect . vacuum
location . roccascalegna, italy
client . yac
status . architecture competition (2018)

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