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In a leftover space between two tall residential building a structure of loadbearing stairs and beams of urban forniture suspended a floating freeform surface. The surface provides two interconnected urban spaces.

One public space for the city and one semi-public space for the residents of the smaller housing units in the courtyard.

Below is a semi-private space extending the private gardens.

Covered and lit from above through the openings of the stairwells.

“Form is a totality, the parts of which are not bound
by a simple relationship
of juxtaposition and contiguity, but obey an intrinsic law, which is

the only one capable to determine their meaning in totality”

1 A. Forty, Words and building - a vocabulary for modern architecture, Edizioni Pendragon, Bologna, 2004

group 1 . Serena Comi. Gino Baldi. Nick Chadde. Mateusz Tkaczen
location . Porto (Portugal)
summer school . Porto Academy - Faup - Porto 


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