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Municipio di Borgo d’Anaunia (Trento) - 2022 

3rd Prize


The intention is to give value to the building in its formal characteristics; only by freeing it from superfetations can we clearly see the forms.

The new design furnishings have the task of guiding us, measuring us, becoming domestic devices for occupying the environment and managing the use of space.

The design incipit is based on adaptive micro-interventions that can support the new uses inside the Palazzo by defining a sequence of indoor-outdoor spaces while revealing the existing architecture and its potential, restoring it to its authenticity. Each intervention is conceived as a spatial device within the architectural volume.

The latter, candid and sober, re-emerges in an absolute way, becoming the real space of the users, establishing a new relationship with the visitor.


Team. @vacuum_atelier 

Render. @framax_images 

Photo Model. sararesuphoto

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